“I wake up in the morning with a dream in my eyes.” 

 Allen Ginsberg 

Dreams play an ironic role in our struggle to reach a certain level of understanding of what human experience is, how we relate to ourselves, to other people, and to our surrounding environment. We go to sleep and are given a glimpse to an alchemic truth, a map to what is at the centre of our concerns, only to wake up and see that possibility of transformation fade away like a heap of sand between our hands, leaving us with just the shapes of its transcendence. 

The interpretation of dreams is an elusive task. They do not speak to us in a clear language, instead, akin to myths, they hint at a knowledge that cannot be reduced to words because it precedes them. Like the primaeval Titans that Zeus imprisoned far away from Mount Olympus, they are a bit outside of reason and just out of our reach.  Myths and Dreams are made of the same substance: an absolute freedom from logic and the restraints of reality, the infusing of life into inanimate objects, the free change of shape, proportions, of mixing the impossible together.  

The dreams that shaped this collection of objects have all of this characteristics. In a way dreams embody, in pure form, humanity’s greatest asset, the ability to imagine that which does not exist yet in reality.  ‘Era da una vita che non sognavo’ is about those traces left over to our consciousness after dreaming. Francesco Pace woke up, and instead of writing down the story behind his dreams, he started drawing the elements of them he could remember. Anthropomorphic and a bit monstrous in their aspect, influenced by the descriptions of ancient nightmares and beasts found in mythology, this collection of objects has not been dreamt as it is. They are the result of the will to develop, through dreams, a language to breathe life into the morning remains of a night of dreaming, and how those dreams are tinted by the activities of our waking hours.  Here dreams become a tool to build design language.  It seems to say that the impossibility to pin down the revelations of dreams is, perhaps, the totality of their message.

  • Materials; Erthenware, stoneware, epoxy resin,
  • Limited Edition: 12 + 1 A.P.
  • Years: 2017
  • Commisioned: RIOT Naples
  • Inquiry: PAMONO 
  • Photo Courtesy of Tellurico Design Studio


The Object is realised in stoneware with the technique of colombino (sculpted per layer). The firing temperature it can be set between 1080° C and 1140° C. Changing the degree of temperature it can be achieved the different shade of pink.

The inner side is coated with a special resin which makes the object waterproof and ideal for containing water or other liquid. The bottom base instead is filled with a thick layer of epoxy resin which allowed stability to the object together with a hided aesthetic element.

- PÜRP - 

Hundreds of years ago, sailors were terrified by the Kraken, a dreadful sea monster capable of sinking ships and with a taste for human flesh. Today we know the legends of this monster were based on sightings of giant squids.
This animal belongs to the genus Architeuthis and was the subject of many scientific studies. Despite its enormous size, the giant squid is astoundingly elusive and much of its biology remains unknown. Thus shrouded in mystery, Architeuthis is almost a mythological creature and has a place both in science and in myth.


‘’ Doppio Fondo ‘’ investigates a still unknown aspect of the Vesuvius, its magma chamber. The Vesuvius has a magma chamber not precisely defined yet, in shape and size. It has approximately 10 km in diameter connecting with the one of Campi Flegrei. Tellurico has imagined materializing the chamber by creating a scale model of one of its possible forms.

Doppio Fondo is a radiator-humidifier that takes inspiration from a legend of Typhon, one of the Titans defeated by Zeus and segregated in the underneath the Bay of Naples. Any time Typhon was trying to free himself from the captivity spewed burning rocks and caused earthquakes, destroying anything around.
Inside the ‘’Doppio Fondo’’ legs it possible to insert from one up to four candles. Differently, on the upper narrowing, it can be poured essential oils or fragrances. The candles burning, heat up the whole body of the object and thanks to the rising of the body temperatures, the oil evaporates emanating perfume into the room.