If I was to establish a system, it would be, that Mountains are produced by Volcanoes, and not Volcanoes by Mountains.

Sir William Hamilton

Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other Volcanoes (1774)

The lands and corners of cities we live in shape us. Their geography and weather, customs and vices become our own. Foolishly we try to imprint ourselves as well upon the land, and we succeed, from time to time.

Pozzuoli is a small village on the outskirts of Naples, with one of the highest population density on top of an active caldera in the world. Older than the foundation of Rome, it is a place where history is difficult to avoid. Here too people have been bent to the geographic poetry of their surroundings. When you choose to live with the breathing of the earth close to your home, you are bound to become as well a conduct of some subterraneous fire. Pozzuoli is a tailpipe for the land it was built on. You can see the layers of cities before, civilizations lost to the power in nature: "Baia città sommersa" is a city seen floating on the Bay of Pozzuoli, an Atlantis lifted up by an earthquake, and then sunk into the water forever. Here you can see the persistence of man to leave history behind themselves, the pride of cheating Death in a deadly place. They become, like the volcano, a conduct of subterraneous fire.
Tellurico: della terra. (of the earth), is a word that defines the set of all constant seismic movements that occur below the earth's crust and it has be applied also to a population who live in it. A Tellurico population is a population that does not act follow rational thought but is pushed by an inner strength.
Dangerous places demand humility, they are treacherous and beautiful; not from unkindness, it is just that they do not care about us: we are too small. Volcanoes give deep fertility as a gift to the land they destroy, brought from within the inside of the Planet. The threat of the destruction a volcano always promises pushes men to explosive ways, and the constant possibility of catastrophe makes blood loose its value. But as with any place that somebody calls home, there is sunshine as well in their company, and there is time spent, the struggle of everyday life.

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